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Week End Wrap Up

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Week End Wrap Up

By Jessica Johnston, Assistant News Director

This week was not as bumping of a ride as last week, but still plenty of news to keep everybody busy. Between courts, sports and a few different types of accidents, the week was still a notable one. Make sure to keep an eye out for sports as this week is week nine of 10 in the season. There’s a lot of fun things going on this weekend, too, so get out in the community.

Community fires

  • An unresponsive woman was transported to the hospital Sunday night following a fire that broke out on Grove Avenue. Neighbors said the elderly woman lived in the closest room to the back porch where they believed the fire started. Full Story.
  • The woman that was transported from the Grove Avenue fire was in critical condition at the OSU Burn Clinic until she died days later in Columbus. Full Story.
  • A house caught on fire near the Muskingum-Perry County border Wednesday morning. No injuries were sustained, but by the time crews arrived the entire attic was filled with fire. Full Story.
  • In light of fires that have been occurring since the start of the month, the Zanesville Fire Department has some tips for residents that may be using space heaters and turning their furnaces on for the first time this year. Full Story.

Various Accidents

  • A pregnant woman was taken to the hospital after being involved in a rollover accident on Bagley Road Monday. No other cars were involved. Full Story.
  • A Blue Rock man was taken to the hospital after a rollover accident on South River Road Monday. No other cars, again, were involved. Full Story.
  • A natural gas leak temporarily obstructed traffic near Airport Road Tuesday after ODOT crews cleaning ditches along the road hit a 4-inch gas line. All repairs were made and traffic is fine now. Full Story.
  • About 500 people were out of power for a little while Tuesday after a suspected tree branch took out a power line in the backyard of a residence on National Road. AEP crews made the necessary repairs and everyone has power now. Full Story.

Criminal activity

  • The mother that left her baby in a car on one of the hottest days of the year is facing four felony charges after the baby died on Sept. 4. Samantha Donohoe was arrested on Oct. 12. Full Story with links to all previous stories involving the case.
  • On Wednesday, Samantha Donohoe was arraigned in the Muskingum County Court of Common Pleas. She pleaded not guilty to her charges and requested to be released from jail to stay with a family member. Her request was denied by the judge. Full Story.
  • The man that led a multi-county law enforcement pursuit on Oct. 12 died. Bruce Thompson, who was recently released from prison, died from his self-inflicted injuries after assaulting a couple of women, kidnapping one woman and her child and leading police to the cemetery where his mother is buried before shooting himself. Full Story.
  • A man that held his ex-girlfriend in his trailer for three days and assaulted her during that time pleaded guilty to multiple charges and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. During his court sentencing, he apologized for everything that happened. Full Story.

In the world of sports

  • As always promised, the Monday Muskingum County Football Flashback for week eight. Don’t miss a game, or a recap rather, it’s nearing the end of the season. Check in on the teams to keep an eye on. Full Flashback.
  • The local playoff radar is not easy to read. Our Sports Director breaks it down, but there are a lot of variables that pretty much make the playoffs in reach for three of the six Muskingum County football teams. Read about it, it’s complicated. Full Breakdown.
  • The opening round of the Ohio High School Athletic Association tournament for boys soccer left West Muskingum out of advancing any father as the Tornadoes were met with a tough loss, 4-1, against Bishop Rosecrans Monday. Full Story.
  • Sticking with tournament talk, the Maysville boys soccer team protected its home turf to kick off the Ohio High School Athletic Association sectionals, picking up a 4-1 win against Indian Creek. Full Story.
  • The Zanesville versus Tri-Valley girls soccer game was a nail-biter. With less than 10 minutes on the clock, Zanesville scored the only goal it needed for a 1-0 victory over Tri-Valley Wednesday. Full Story.

On the good side

  • The South Zanesville Fire Department has been approved for a part-time paid staff. This is the first time since its founding in 1924 that the department will have any type of paid staff. The fire chief is pretty stoked about it. Full Story.
  • This week’s Furry Friend is Hope. She’s a little skittish, but justifiably. She was left for three weeks in a home with her mom and brother. She loves people and is in need of tender love and care. She’s also been recently adopted. Full Story.
  • October’s Animal Shelter Society “pupdate” includes previous and future fundraisers, donations and calls for cat adoptions. Full Pupdate.

Around town

  • Property values across Muskingum County have seen a significant increase at the conclusion of the county’s six-year reevaluation. According to Muskingum County Auditor Debra Nye, the average property owner saw a 16.2 percent increase in value this year. People aren’t very pleased. Full Story.
  • There was a planned water outage Thursday morning that affected 180 homes between Bald Hill Road and Spry Road. There were no businesses affected. Full Story.
  • United Way held a little food truck fundraiser at the courthouse Friday afternoon. The food trucks included Domino’s, Phillips and Pucky’s. Full Preview.


  • The 22nd annual SOUPer Bowl Benefit Luncheon is Sunday. Over the years, the luncheon has raised over $250,000 for organizations in the community that feed the hungry. Full Preview.
  • The annual Chamber of Commerce Job Fair is Oct. 23 at Colony Square Mall. There were 37 businesses set up to attend the fair as of Tuesday. Full Story.
  • Before SOUPer Bowl Sunday, there’s a lot of community events going on, and a few after. So, check them out in the Weekend Planner. Full Planner.
  • Drug Free Muskingum hosted an understanding addiction event Thursday evening. The organization had a very notable keynote speaker. Full Preview.

As always, feel free to send events, tips, suggestions, comments and questions to our news team by emailing contact@ycitynews.com or the writer directly at jjohnston@ycitynews.com.

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