Local playoff outlook for Muskingum Valley teams


How did Tri-Valley’s loss affect their playoff spot, and where does Philo fall in the latest playoff outlook?

By Nick McWilliams, Sports Director

And you thought everything was going to be nice and simple to round out the 2018 football season.

Think again.

With Tri-Valley falling to John Glenn on Friday, the Scotties took a subtle drop in the Division II, Region 7 down to the No. 5 slot. Their perspective opponent, No. 4 Dover, is fresh off a dominating win over Zanesville and would present a formidable test in the opening round.

But Tri-Valley has an easy path compared to other area teams.

Take for instance the Muskies, who have now hopped all the way up to No. 6 from ninth following a monumental win. With that excitement and celebration now behind them, John Glenn will have to face New Lexington, who was pushed out of the top-8 with a blowout loss to Sheridan.

Redemption is on the line for the Panthers, who are on a decade drought from the postseason, but are likely already past the window of opportunity to secure a berth. With that kind of streak looming over their heads and nothing to lose, there’s little New Lexington will leave behind after the final whistle, playoff spot secured or not.

The cards are on the table in terms of what John Glenn needs to do to make the big dance. It’s either win, or hope others behind you fall as well. And yet, there’s still a wild card in the whole mix — Philo.

Following the kind of win that old-school coaches and fans of the golden years of football would appreciate, the Electrics just ahead of 4-4 Fairland by less than a half point. Philo, too, must win their last two games to stay alive.

But they will also have to face New Lexington. If the Muskies lose to the Panthers, while Dirk Lincicome’s squad pulls off a win, that kind of shift alone might be enough to Philo in the No. 6 slot, and possibly push John Glenn to No. 8 or lower.

Does your brain hurt yet?

Zanesville and Bishop Rosecrans are both currently sitting at No. 15 in their respective regions, and would need some truly miraculous moves to happen to make the playoffs. Maysville, meanwhile, sits at No. 22 in their region after a loss to Philo.

Plenty of football is left with the last two weeks coming up, but all eyes in the Muskingum Valley should fall on the New Lexington vs. John Glenn matchup that could shift the balance once again, as well as how Philo fares after an extremely physical showdown. And don’t forget to stay tuned for Tri-Valley’s response following a heartbreaking loss.