Week End Wrap Up

By Jessica Johnston, Assistant News Director

The weather is taking a turn for the cold side. Thankfully, we have some heartwarming news this week to counteract the cold weather. There’s a lot of holiday themed activities going on this weekend, so check out the weekend planner for all of those details. Otherwise, buckle up, we’ve got some news to dig through.

A couple incidents

  • Due to Thursday morning’s poor road conditions, a semi truck driver out of San Antonio was killed in an accident on Interstate 70. The passenger in the semi along with the driver of vehicle the truck collided with were injured in the accident. As the traffic backed up from that crash, about 10 cars were involved in a pile-up farther back on I-70. Full Story.
  • The driver of a white Ford pickup truck struck a railroad bridge along State Route 666, West of Riverside Park Tuesday night. Both the driver and passenger were taken to the hospital. The driver said he just misjudged the curve. Full Story.
  • Thursday’s conditions also caused a few power outages in the area leaving about 1,400 people without power in New Concord. Power was out for about two hours. Full Story.
  • New Concord just couldn’t catch a break. Thursday night there was a large water main break at the intersection of W. Main Street and Friendship Drive. Anyone affected by the main break is under a boil advisory. Full Story.
  • A case of Hepatitis A was confirmed in Muskingum County following a statewide outbreak declared in June by the Ohio Department of Health. The ZMCHD said the best way to prevent Hepatitis A is through a series of Hepatitis A vaccines. Full Story.


  • On Sunday, about 35 people marched over 5 miles in the name of honoring veterans. For the past four years, Justin Smith has led a group of veterans and supports on a plath from the Zanesville VFW to Colony Square Mall on veterans day to raise money for organizations that help vets with PTSD. Full Story.
  • During October, firefighters were able to pull two women out of two seperate house fires in the Zanesville area. Both of the firefighters had their first experience saving someone’s life, an experience that they both said was rare. Full Story.
  • This Friday’s Furry Friend was Dexter, a Saint Bernard-Great Dane mix. The large dog is affectionate and friendly with people and other dogs. With a little training, and a lot of love, Dexter would be the perfect family dog. Full Story.
  • Sertoma hosted its 62nd Annual Zanesville Pancake Day on Wednesday. The 13-hour event was anticipated to bring in about 4,000 people and $25,000. All leftovers from the day were donated to Christ’s table. Full Story.

Criminal activity

Remember the two pounds of meth that were seized by law enforcement last week? The two men arrested in connection to the meth appeared in court this week. It’s still unclear if the two cases are connected to each other.

  • Terry Bocook pleaded not guilty to his three felony charges during his arraignment in the Muskingum County Common Pleas Court Wednesday. Full Story.
  • Michel Yanni also pleaded not guilty to his two felony charges during his arraignment in the Muskingum County Common Pleas Court Wednesday. Full Story.

It’s not uncommon for people to plead not guilty to their charges during an arraignment. We’ll keep you updated on the cases as they move forward.

School news

  • Dr. Mary Arnold, the director of Muskingum University’s developing Master of Occupational Therapy program, was recognized by the Ohio Occupational Therapy Association as a member who exemplifies the spirit of the profession. She received the 2018 Passion Award from OOTA. Full Story.
  • Muskingum County School Districts had their first delays of the season Thursday. The roads were pretty nasty. Full Story.


  • Area artists are encouraged to apply for the Ronna Bucci and Dr. Charles Dietz Artist Award through the Muskingum County Community Foundation. The Bucci-Dietz Artist Fund typically awards an annual grant of $500 to a local artist to further their career. The grant is not open to high school and college students. Full Story.

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