Week end wrap up

By Jessica Johnston, Reporter

It’s difficult to keep up with every story that’s published throughout the week. Think you might have missed something? No worries, here are some bite-sized blurbs about the important news that happened throughout the week to keep everyone in the loop.

  • Ohio is getting a new state park. AEP owns 60,000 acres of recreation land in Ohio and is selling it off to the state in increments. John Kasich (the governor) officiated a dedication of the park to Jesse Owens (Olympic Gold Medalist who went to OSU) on Tuesday. A portion of the land dips into Muskingum County making it relevant to Zanesville. Full story.
OK, let’s get a little more local …

A lot of breaking news happened this week. Let’s just go in chronological order:

  • Early Thursday morning, a teenager jumped off the Y-Bridge and into the water below. First responders retrieved the boy off the riverbank and transported him to the hospital for observation. Full story.
  • A little later on Thursday, a detached garage caught fire on Fess Street. The garage came down and the Zanesville Fire Department is investigating the cause. Three homes near the garage were damaged. The family and their dog all made it out safely. Full story.
  • Let’s keep going with Thursday … around 4 p.m. first responders were alerted to a plane down off of Norfield Road. A single-person aircraft had to emergency land in a cornfield after the pilot experienced engine trouble. No one, including the pilot, was injured. Full story.
That’s enough breaking news for one day, moving on
  • A downtown redevelopment district is being formed by the Zanesville Community Development Committee to revitalize parts of downtown. Full story.
  • There was a fatal crash on Tuesday night involving a car and a motorcycle. One of the two motorcyclists was pronounced dead on the scene and the other was transported to the hospital. Full story.
  • Dannie Devoll, the man suspected of stabbing a homeless man on July 2 on Putnam Avenue, entered a plea of not guilty at grand jury on Wednesday. Full story.
  • The Scholarship Central Access Program at The Muskingum County Community Foundation is hiring three college graduates for a nine to 12 month to assist incoming college freshmen. Full story.
We’re in a meeting now
  • CORSA wrote a dividend check to the Muskingum County Commissioners, among other counties, to the tune of $16,204. Full story.
  • A FEMA representative met with the commissioners about the National Flood Program Campaign to raise awareness about the importance of flood insurance. Full story.
Time for a little fun
  • Pints United is happening tonight. There’s a raffle, food and drinks. Weasel Boy is partnering with United Way for the event. Full story and raffle listing.
  • Need an event or multiple to fill the evening? Check out the Weekend Planner.
  • Get tickets for the 2018 Dancing with Divas event. The divas are continuing their streak of dancing to benefit local charities. Full story and link to tickets.
  • A little farther away, Zanesville is walking to support the fight against cancer. The Glow for Hope will be the evening of Aug. 11. Full story and a link to sign up.


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