Mohler charged after teen has car stolen


By Staff Report

A local resident is facing criminal charges after deceiving a teenage girl out of her very first car.

The 17-year-old’s post went viral on Facebook with many donating to help her buy a new used vehicle.

Hunter Mohler, a 24-year-old Zanesville resident, now faces two felony charges unrelated to the theft.

According to a post by Katelynn Miller, the 17-year-old girl, on a popular local Facebook page, Zanesville’s Finest, Mohler originally sold her the vehicle.

Working to help afford her first car, Miller discovered a post on Facebook Marketplace by Mohler advertising a 2010 Ford Fusion for $3,100.

She purchased it that day with $1,900 down and an agreement to pay him two payments of $600. On the last payment, she would receive the title.

When Mohler went to pick up one of those payments, the girl’s mother told him about issues they were having with the vehicle. Mohler, allegedly, offered to take it and pay to get it fixed.

Instead, Mohler came up with excuses and actively ignored the girl, effectively stealing $2,500 from the 17-year-old.

“Words can not describe how frustrated and upset I am,” Miller wrote on Facebook. “I have been working since June to save up money for my first car. I did everything he asked, paid on time and everything.”

Hundreds took to the girl’s defense, many upset that as numerous local businesses struggle to find workers, a hard-working young girl was taken advantage of.

It soon became clear that Miller wasn’t Mohler’s only victim. Many posted about similar experiences.

Further, Miller found out from those commenting that Mohler didn’t even have possession of the car any longer, he sold it.

While many of those leaving comments were giving advice such as how to file a police report or to take Mohler to small claims court, others were organizing a GoFundMe for her.

In total, 37 individuals donated nearly $1,400 dollars towards the purchase of a new vehicle.

Recently, Miller posted again to Zanesville’s Finest a picture of her alongside her new used vehicle. She used the donated money as a down payment.

“Thank you to everyone that donated to the GoFundMe. I am very grateful,” Miller wrote. “I also spoke with a detective and I am taking the man that stole my money and previous car to court.”

Mohler was arrested on November 12 after being indicted by a Muskingum County Grand Jury. He is charged with passing bad checks, a fifth-degree felony, and theft, also a fifth-degree felony.

According to his indictment, on September 21, 2021, Mohler wrote a check in the amount of $3,086.85 to Bean Automotive when he knew his account with Woodforest National Bank lacked the funds.

He has yet to be charged with the theft of Miller’s vehicle.

Mohler was being held in the Muskingum County Jail, but after his $50,000 bond was lowered, he was able to post bail. Mohler has no prior felony record.