Man discovers human bones while walking in cemetery

By Jessica Johnston, Reporter

Zanesville Police received a call Tuesday evening concerning potential human bones discovered near a tree.

At approximately 6:48 p.m. Tuesday, the Zanesville Police Department was called to the Greenwood Cemetery entrance to meet the caller as he thought he found “human bones in a groundhog hole close to a tree,” the call report states.

The supplementary report states that the officer met the caller at the cemetery entrance where the caller said he walks the cemetery and surrounding neighborhood for exercise.

The man said he had walked the same path in the cemetery for the past three days but during his walk Tuesday he came across a maple tree that appeared to have human bones laying around it, according to the report.

The officer walked with the caller to investigate further and saw a four-to-five inch pile of dirt with bones inside, the report states.

“Inside that pile of dirt, there were bones and part of a jaw bone containing human teeth,” the officer wrote in the report.

The report states that the supervisor on shift at the police department, as well as Deputy Coroner Greg Jadwin and detectives were called to the scene. Local BCI representatives, Mayor Jeff Tilton, the cemetery director and other first responders were alerted.

Upon arrival, the coroner took control of the scene, and the investigation has been turned over to the coroner’s office. The dirt and bones collected at the scene were transported to the Delong and Baker Funeral Home, according to the report.

There is a headstone from 1892 that is located opposite the side of the tree where the bones were found. It is the closest headstone in proximity to the bones that were discovered, the report states.

It is currently unclear where the bones came from, according to the report.

“The coroner’s office is investigating at this time,” Dave Davis, the coroner, on call Thursday, said.

BCI was contacted about the discovery but the department is not currently involved in the investigation.