County under level one snow emergency


By Staff Report

Muskingum County is now under a level one snow emergency as declared by Sheriff Matt Lutz.

The county has experienced moderate snowfall through late Thursday afternoon.

Numerous crashes, mostly non-injury, have been reported as snow has begun to accumulate on the ground.

During a level one snow emergency, roadways are considered to be hazardous with blowing and drifting snow.

Motorists are urged to drive very cautiously and watch for ice while operating their vehicle, according to the State of Ohio’s Snow Emergency Classifications Guidebook.

The Ohio Department of Transportation has multiple crews active throughout the county treatings roadways on 12-hour shifts and will continue to do so as snowfall and weather conditions worsen.

Multiple other municipalities, townships and villages within Muskingum County also have crews out in preparation for the moderate amount of anticipated snowfall.

Officials urge drivers to take their time and be cautious while operating their vehicle should they choose to travel on the roadways during snowy conditions.