Governor asks for federal assistance in statewide tornado relief efforts

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Governor asks for federal assistance in statewide tornado relief efforts

By Christine Holmes, News Director

Governor Mike Dewine has submitted a Presidential Disaster Relief Declaration to the White House asking for aid following the onslaught of tornadoes that tore through the state late last month.

Between May 27 and 28, a total of 21 tornadoes touched down in 10 Ohio Counties, including Muskingum County.

During the early morning hours of May 28, a confirmed EF1 tornado tore through Roseville, touching down around 2 a.m. with wind speeds near 110 mph.

Following a joint preliminary damage assessment with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Small Business Administration and Ohio Emergency Management Agency last week,  942 homes and buildings across the state were identified as destroyed or significantly damaged and another 837 sustained minor damage or were slightly affected.

DeWine said the damage caused by the tornadoes is beyond the capability of the state and local governments to respond effectively, therefore the state is requesting supplemental federal funding.

“The widespread destruction of homes, apartments, and businesses, particularly in the Dayton urban areas, is tragic and will require a recovery process that could stretch over a number of years,” said DeWine. “Many of the areas affected have a high percentage of low-income families that did not have insurance. These survivors may not have the means to rebuild and/or relocate without additional support.”

DeWine is requesting assistance for the 10 affected counties in the following programs:

  • Individual Assistance Program
  • Crisis Counseling Assistance Program
  • Disaster Unemployment Assistance Program
  • Disaster Case Management Program
  • Disaster Legal Services Program
  • Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

Additionally, DeWine is also requesting assistance from the Small Business Administration.

The tornado that hit Frazeysburg on June 5 was not included in this assessment.