ZFD: Substance mistaken for antifreeze in waterways determined to be non-toxic


By Christine Holmes, News Director

Residents of the southern portion of Zanesville are being advised not to panic if they see any discoloration in the waterways near their homes. 

According to Assistant Fire Chief Doug Hobson, green residue was spotted earlier Tuesday evening that initially appeared as antifreeze. 

The Zanesville Fire Department, Muskingum County Emergency Management Agency and Hazmat were all called out to investigate.

“Further investigation and phone calls led us to our city sewer department that was inspecting sewers today, and it is a non-toxic tracer dye,” said Hobson.

Hobson said the dye is not harmful to humans or animals who may come into contact with it. 

The dye can be found in creeks near Osceola Avenue moving toward Maysville Avenue and into the Muskingum River.