Heller and Rhodes a “dynamic duo” even in loss


Jacob Rhodes (left) and Ethan Heller (right) have been the epitome of a “dynamic duo” this season.

By Nick McWilliams, Sports Director

Sheridan football will have to do something they are not familiar with this season in their next game — recover from a loss.

But one thing the team will not have to worry about is the connection between Ethan Heller and Jacob Rhodes.

Even in a 20-19 loss where the passing game did not light up the cool night sky in Dresden, Heller and Rhodes still connected eight times for 104 yards and a score. It’s that kind of production the Generals have been leaning on heavily throughout the 2018 season.

Totaling 720 yards receiving this season and nine touchdowns, essentially exclusively from Heller, Rhodes has been as steady as they come in terms of high school receivers. A solid relationship between a quarterback and receiver is a huge positive for any team, and Heller got a laugh out of questions about his and Rhodes’ connection.

“I mean, we’re great friends. We’ve been the dynamic duo our whole careers,” he said at last Wednesday’s practice. “So, I mean, I love throwing to him. Really reliable receiver and able to get open all the time. Got great hands and he’s a great player and a great guy.”

The timing between the two is impeccable as well, put on display on their connections against Tri-Valley. Whenever Heller made the read and scanned to Rhodes side of the field, the senior receiver was ready for the pass and had created enough space for the throw.

Even when Heller was forced from the pocket, the first read to get him out of trouble always seemed to be his top target.

Rhodes laid it all on the line Friday night, pushing through multiple hard shots and refusing to be kept down. After his last play on the field, an end around that put Sheridan at the 1-yard line after a 19 yard rush, Rhodes was finally taken out and did not return.

If Rhodes cannot go on Friday, the Sheridan offense will be without one of the better connections in the Muskingum Valley League. And after the praise Paul Culver dished out to his team’s favorite duo, it’s easy to understand why the two might double as superhero partners rather than just teammates.