BMV opens statewide in Ohio Tuesday


By Staff Report

The Ohio Bureau of Mot0r Vehicles re-opened all its locations Tuesday across the state, with crowds lining up outside many locations.

In Zanesville, more than 40 were observed waiting in line in the near 90-degree weather throughout the morning and early afternoon, many of whom were looking to get their driver’s license renewed.

Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted spoke on Thursday, May 14 about the state’s plans to reopen the BMV encouraging individuals to use online services that are available, many of which have been expanded, instead of traveling in person to their local location if possible.

“We worked very diligently to get every service we can online,” Husted said during the presser.

Vehicle registration, plate replacement, updating addresses and paying license reinstatement fees are just some of the options available online in part due to Ohio House Bill 197, which also extended the deadline for the expiration on licenses and registration.

While the language extends all state-issued licenses for a 90-day period after the state ends the declaration of emergency, Ohioans will still be required to have an updated Ohio license by October 1 to be allowed to fly as per U.S. Transportation Security Administration guidelines.

Husted pled with Ohioans saying, “don’t come in unless it’s absolutely necessary.”

The Zanesville BMV is located at 2328 June Parkway Plaza along Maysville Avenue in Zanesville. The current hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays.