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Humane Society wants to know who dumped dog on Chandlersville Road

By Christine Holmes, News Director

The Muskingum County Humane Society is seeking the public’s help in identifying the owner of a dog believed to be abandoned.

Surveillance video shows a vehicle stop along Chandlersville Road near Zanesville Christian School around 7:30 the evening of Feb. 27.

After a few minutes (around 1:44 in the video), a dog begins running around the area and chases after the car once it leaves.

Humane Officer Carolyn Hughes said she was made aware of the situation after receiving a complaint over the weekend from a woman who had been observing a dog near the Zanesville Christian Academy that appeared to be staying in the same area for several days.

“It’s happening way too much,” said Hughes. “Too many dogs abandoned and dumped.”

Hughes went to the area near Chandlersville Road and N. Dietz Road where she spotted the dog but couldn’t get close.

After feeding the dog for a few days, Hughes was able to trap him with the help of Muskingum County Deputy Dog Warden Brittany Calihan on March 4.

The dog is now in the care of the Muskingum County Dog Warden and Adoption Center.

Hughes is asking for help identifying the person who dumped the dog so she can pursue criminal charges.

“You can’t always prove they were dumped,” said Hughes. “But this, you know because they got video of ‘em dumping it.”

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Hughes at (740) 683-1505.


3 Responses to “Humane Society wants to know who dumped dog on Chandlersville Road”

  1. Lori burns on March 7th, 2019 1:45 pm

    If muskingum county judges would start hammering these losers under the Goddard Law to the max a few times instead of a slap on the hand, people would possibly stop this abuse, stiff penalties maybe need new tougher judges!!!!!!

  2. Sharon Crane on March 8th, 2019 4:57 pm

    How could any one with a heart discard a pet or any animal and sleep at night knowing it was running trying to follow them because they love unconditionally. Further more it looked like a high traffic area and the dog could have been killed. It also looked like it had snowed or raining. Well I hope you can’t sleep at night knowing your dog was running trying to catch you because he loved you. All I can say that it is a heartless evil person that would even remotely think of abandoning any animal. They are like our children and are at our mercy.. I pray you don’t have children. Have they been abandoned too? Sorry but I don’t understand this evil. I will pray for you though that you will invite Jesus into your heart and be saved. That will change your whole life. You certainly would have a different love and mindset and heart. God Bless :'(

  3. Carla Law on March 8th, 2019 5:48 pm

    Some humans make me sick.

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