Brothers produce light show for the holidays

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Brothers produce light show for the holidays

Austin Lemmon (left) and Brandon Lemmon (right) stand in front of their light display.

Austin Lemmon (left) and Brandon Lemmon (right) stand in front of their light display.

Austin Lemmon (left) and Brandon Lemmon (right) stand in front of their light display.

Austin Lemmon (left) and Brandon Lemmon (right) stand in front of their light display.

By Staff Report

Brandon and Austin Lemmon wanted to outperform the light show they put on for the community last year, adding over 20,000 lights and multiple new lighting structures, such as the 20 foot Christmas tree in their front yard.

Austin Lemmon, 14, is the younger of the two brothers. A freshman at Zanesville High School, he first got interested in producing a light show two years ago, while watching The Great Christmas Light Fight, a reality television competition hosted by ABC where contestants try to outdo their competitor’s light displays.

Brandon Lemmon, a senior at Zanesville High School, shares his brother’s passion for Christmas lighting and used his own money to help finance this year’s additional 250 strands of lights.

Their first year, the Lemmon brothers bought a system called Mr. Christmas, that only had 6 outlet plug-ins, commonly referred to as channels, which synchronized the Christmas lights to 20 pre-configured holiday songs.

“We couldn’t really program anything with it because it was already pre-programmed in the box,” Brandon Lemmon, the older of the two brothers, said.

Last year, they decided to expand by purchasing about 10,000 lights with the ability to program different lighting sequences, in conjunction with music.

“Austin can program everything, he can choose songs and lighting coordination,” Brandon Lemmon said.

They estimate that last year they had over 1,500 visitors come to view their light show.

“It was nice seeing the community get behind us,” Austin Lemmon said referring to the amount of people who showed up last year.

This year, on opening night, over 250 people stood around the high schoolers’ home, filling the streets to watch the sibling duo illuminate the house to music.

For this feat to be accomplished, the Lemmon family had to have two additional breaker boxes added to their home.

“We blew some fuses and ran into some problems, but in the end we got it all done,” said Austin Lemmon.

There are two separate Light-O-Rama Controllers, each handling 16 channels, allowing the brothers to have a plethora of varying lights turning on and off, choreographed to the music.

“One channel controls the left side and another controls the right,” said Austin Lemmon, referring to the arch over the driveway.

For producing the light show, Austin Lemmon uses a program called Light-O-Rama, spending over 70 hours manually creating lighting that follows the rhythm of the music.

The brothers spent months planning out this year’s light show, and it took them nine days to construct their entire setup.

“We made this for the community,” Brandon Lemmon said as he pressed a button on his computer demonstrating how he controls the entire setup.

The light show plays every night between 6:30 p.m. and  9:00 p.m. through Dec. 25 at 909 Lindergh Avenue Zanesville, Ohio.