Trump mistakenly endorses Canadian Troy Balderson on Twitter


By Christine Holmes, News Director

With the general election just one week away, President Donald Trump is again tweeting his endorsement for recently elected U.S. Congressman Troy Balderson of Zanesville.

However, with the simple omission of an underscore, a Canadian man sharing the same name of Ohio’s Congressman for the 12th district received thousands of notifications in the few minutes before the President caught his mistake.

Troy Balderson of Ohio is @Troy_Balderson on Twitter, while Troy Balderson of British Columbia is @troybalderson.

Within 15 minutes, the tweet was removed, and a new one tagging the correct Balderson was issued.

Despite the wrong tag, Trump’s sentiments were clear – the President supports Balderson and wants to keep the Republican Congressman in D.C.

It’s a simple mistake anyone can make and perhaps one issue the President can unite all parties on by becoming an advocate for the long yearned for edit button on Twitter.