Comstock will be ZPD interim chief


By Staff Report

Zanesville Police Captain Scott Comstock will lead the department next week following the retirement of Chief Tony Coury.

He will hold the position until the city can conduct a test to determine if he or Cpt. Chris Phipps will be the permanent chief.

According to Zanesville Public Safety Director Doug Merry, Comstock will take over the department on an interim basis beginning next Friday, July 8, when Coury officially retires.

Coury has been chief since 2016. Both Cpt. Comstock and Cpt. Phipps have served as the city’s two police captains of the department since at least that time.

The city will conduct a test, which should occur in the following months, to determine who of the two will officially be sworn in as chief of the department.

No more information was available at the time of publication.