Zanesville Band Waffles return to Fair


By Staff Report

A popular treat has made its return to the 175th Muskingum County Blue Ribbon Fair – Zanesville Band Waffles.

The crunchy, sugar-covered snack has been a community favorite for over half a century.

As previously reported by Y-City News, the tradition began in the 1960s when the Fair Board first introduced the idea of making waffles to the Zanesville Band. The rest is history.

Zanesville Band Booster President Staci Allen said the special treat has been popular ever since.

Typically, during Fair Week the group of volunteers will sell around 20,000 waffles.

Funds raised go to support the cost of instruments and activities for band members, including a trip down to Florida to perform at Disney World.

The Waffles are also sold at each home football game, with many local residents, even those from rivaling districts, stopping by for the sugary snack.

“It means a lot to us that we have such great support from the community,” Allen said as other volunteers prepared more waffles for an expected post-rain rush.

According to them, it’s not uncommon to see the same people back multiple times within the week or to have customers purchase a large number of bags.

Often, people will buy many additional bags for their coworkers or extended family. Some even keep all the bags to themselves.

At night, due to the long lines, the truck will be packed with as many as eight volunteers attempting to keep up with the large demand of fairgoers.

Waffles come three to a bag and cost four dollars. At the Fair Grounds, the waffle truck is located near the Ferris Wheel.

The Boosters are also looking for additional volunteers, Allen added, as parents often like to watch their students perform.

Alumni are encouraged to apply, however, anyone can be a volunteer. Those interested are encouraged to reach out to the booster organization on their Facebook page: Zanesville High School Band Boosters.