Dresden Swim Center opens for the season


By Staff Report

Muskingum County’s largest outdoor swimming pool opened to the public this week.

The combined nearly 700,000 gallons of water in the Dresden Swim Center took multiple weeks to fill but is now ready for pool-goers.

Kids, parents and even some adults could be seen swimming and sunbathing at the pool in Dresden on Memorial Day.

While the weather wasn’t as desirable as many said they would have liked, visitors chose to spend their day off relaxing in or by the pool.

Each year the federal holiday marks the opening of the region’s most desirable place to swim, opened in the 1990s by the Longaberger Company, the Olympic-sized pool offers both recreation and competitive swimming.

According to manager Claudia Frueh, getting the pool ready for the season is a nearly month-long endeavor.

Lifeguards need to be hired, the pool needs to be cleared and facilities need to be prepared for guests.

The pool itself takes nearly 15 days to fill with water after being completely drained and power washed.

The main pool once fully filled holds 679,662 gallons of water while the kiddy pool contains 10,472 gallons for a total of just shy of 700,000 gallons of water.

Lifeguards are also hired weeks in advance giving them time to become acquainted with the pool’s policies and one another.

Currently, there are 16 guards, but Frueh says the swim center typically has at least 20 which means that the pool will have to open late on some weekends until more guards can be hired.

Other maintenance needs such as ensuring the right amount of chemicals were present in the water and diving boards were installed also had to be completed before opening Monday.

As with last year, general admission is $7 per individual per day, with children under the age of three getting in for free.

Punch passes will be available for $70 which contains 12 entries into the pool, offering a nearly 20 percent discount.

Both private and group swimming lessons will also be available.

Parties both during and after hours can also be scheduled and range from $75 to $250, deposits required, and include one of three on-site shelters.

Normal hours of operations are Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. and Sundays from noon until 7 p.m.

Frueh added that the facility is a great place to spend a summer day and that patrons have access to a wide range of food at the Hangout, the center’s on-site kitchen and dining room.

“The Dresden Swim Center is a great family-friendly swimming facility for individuals of all ages,” said Frueh. “It’s just a great place to be during the summer.”