Zanesville couple captures light pillar phenomenon Sunday morning


Photo provided by Beth Weaver.

By Staff Report

Two Zanesville residents captured a rare but stunning sight Sunday morning when they exited their home.

John and Beth Weaver observed what’s referred to as a light pillar, seen as glowing lights stretching up into the sky.

According to the couple, John went out to start his wife’s car Sunday morning before she had to leave for work.

Stunned by what he observed, he asked his wife, Beth, to join him outside.

What they were seeing, and luckily captured on their phones, was the effects of the reflection of light from tiny hexagonal plate-like ice crystals that are suspended in the atmosphere.

The phenomenon often only occurs in very cold air and is produced from light sources such as street lights.

“We were both amazed at how beautiful it looked,” said Beth Weaver. “We had never seen anything like it before.”