Early results: Zanesville City Council seats reclaimed, one new addition elected


City Council Meeting on Monday, Aug. 13.

By Jessica Johnston, Assistant News Director

Four Zanesville residents ran to claim three Zanesville City Council At-Large seats during the election.

Early results show that all three Zanesville City Council At-Large incumbents, Joey Pennybaker Osborn, Ann Gildow and Rob Sharrer, have swept the three slots leaving democratic candidate Albert Zakany II without a seat.

“I know the people on council and I know that they do an excellent job, and so I’m excited to see them continue,” Zanesville City Council President Dan Vincent said. “I know I can count on them to get the job done. They are well-proven. They are good voices for the citizens of the City. They have great ideas to help fix problems.”

Gildow echoed Vincent’s remarks stating that the work the current council members are doing is not finished yet.

“I guess I’m encouraged to think we would have a similar group on council because we’ve started a lot of good Initiative and I think we can continue with some collaboration and do some better things for the City of Zanesville,” Ann Gildow said. “I enjoy working with the others and we have so much going on right now that most of us are excited to get back in there and get to work. I’m optimist, I would love to think that our at-large group couple remain intact.”

Osborn, who has served on council for the past four years, said she is eager to return to the council chamber to continue working on the city.

“Thank you to everyone who voted and to those who supported me,” Osborn said. “I look forward to continuing the good work of representing the people of Zanesville.”

Current Zanesville City Council President Daniel Vincent ran unopposed to reclaim his seat as the council president.

Each of the six ward council members ran unopposed in their ward.

Mark Baker will return as first ward Zanesville City Council representative.

Jan Bradshaw will return as second ward Zanesville City Council representative.

Todd Ware will replace former third ward Zanesville City Council representative Constance Norman.

Sandy Gentry will return as fourth ward Zanesville City Council representative.

Steve Foreman will return as fifth ward Zanesville City Council representative.

Andy Roberts will return as sixth ward Zanesville City Council representative.