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ZHS honors veterans with assembly

Cameron McCullough

Students at Zanesville High School joined together in the school’s gym Thursday to honor area veterans and pay tribute to the sacrifice of those who died in the defense of freedom.

The assembly also showcased the district’s JROTC program, which has grown to sizable numbers and promotes the military as a potential career after graduation.

Dozens of veterans came to Zanesville High School on Blue Avenue Thursday afternoon to take part in the honoring of those who served in the armed forces with JROTC students helping lead the charge.

From when we first arrived on campus to cover the event, students in the JROTC program could be seen in uniform helping veterans from their vehicles, lined up at the building greeting arriving veterans and walking them into the building.

Before the start of the assembly, veterans were taken into a classroom where students had prepared donuts and coffee. It also gave the JROTC students the chance to speak with local veterans and thank them for their service.

Zanesville School District’s Senior Army Instructor, James Delbrugge, welcomed the veterans, students and visitors. He along with Corey Fahnesstock help lead the JROTC program.

Veterans got to hear from the Zanesville High School Choir and Band with many seen smiling with pride at the students from their former alma mater.

Cameron McCullough, a Zanesville native and an Army ROTC student at The Ohio State University, was the keynote speaker. With a father, grandfather and uncle who all took the call to serve their country, McCullough said after graduating high school they encouraged her to consider the military. After graduating from college in May, she will enter the military as a 2nd Lieutenant.

“Joining the army has given me structure and a sense of purpose,” said McCullough. “I’m dedicated to a cause greater than myself and I’m proud to be a part of the legacy of leaders that served in the armed forces past and present.”

“If you feel that call of duty in this room, I encourage you to explore your options and learn more about service in the United States Armed Forces,” McCullough added. “We are here today to honor our veterans, but first off, what is a veteran? A veteran can be defined as someone who writes a blank check payable to the United States of America valued up to and including one’s life.”

To watch the entire assembly and keynote speech by McCullough, be sure to check out our Facebook Live coverage of the event; we also took photographs of the event which can be seen on our Facebook Page.

Be sure to check our 2019 article about Zanesville High School’s JROTC program.

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