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Week end wrap up

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Week end wrap up

By Jessica Johnston, Reporter

It’s difficult to keep up with every story that’s published throughout the week. Think you might have missed something? No worries, here are some bite-sized blurbs about the important news that happened this week to keep you in the loop.

Troy Balderson unofficially won both Muskingum County and the 12th Congressional District in the race against Danny O’Connor for the U.S. Representative from the 12th Congressional District. The official results will be released later this month. We wrote more than enough stories about it, find them here:

  • Right after the polls closed at 7:30 p.m. it was projected that Balderson would win Muskingum County based on the individual location results. Story.
  • The Board of Elections released the unofficial tallied numbers for the County. Story.
  • The voter turnout in Muskingum County was nearly as high as the Presidential Election during the special election. Story.
  • Balderson unofficially won the 12th district without a necessary recount. Story.
  • Donald Trump took credit for Balderson’s win via a tweet. Story.

Enough State-wide politics

  • One of South Zanesville’s village council members resigned due to health related issues. Someone already approached the council about wanting the position at the last meeting. Full story.
  • Dylan Ansel and Cameron Hill took their young, conservative beliefs to a leadership summit in Washington D.C. Full story.
  • East Muskingum’s Superintendent was offered another job and thus, presented her resignation to the board. Full story.
  • The East Muskingum School Board accepted her resignation and appointed a interim superintendent later this week. Full story.

Some hard-hitting news happened this week

  • The Muskingum County-Zanesville City Joint Drug Unit executed drug raids at seven different places Tuesday. Six people were arrested and lots of items, totally over $200,000 were taken as evidence. Full story.
  • Eight total people were issued charges during the drug raids but two men were not taken into custody. They are now on the Muskingum County’s most wanted list. Full Story.
  • The hunt is still on for Derek Weaver, the man accused of hitting a woman head-on and fled the scene last week. The woman later died. Full story.
  • A semi-truck flipped off the road on I-70. Police believe the man that was transporting gravel was experiencing health issues at the time of the accident. He was transported to the hospital. Full story.
  • A Zanesville preschool employee was arrested at his home Thursday on charges of rape. Full story.
  • The school responded to the arrest telling the public that they are cooperating with ZPD at this time. Full story.
  • The OHSAA is hoping the implementation of new rules will help reduce the number of concussions in high school football. Full story.

Moving on. Things from around town

  • South Zanesville Fire Department got its own ambulance for the first time in 20 years. The first responder vehicle is now responding to calls. Full story.
  • Maple Avenue is going to get a little makeover. Aug. 13 through Aug. 17, repairs will be made to the road. Full story.
  • The Lorena Sternwheeler is experiencing some deficits. The Commissioners were asked to foot the bill. Full story.
  • A local author released the first book in his four-book series. He has two book signing events coming up. Full story.
  • Another local author released his book of poems and short stories. He had a book signing in New Concord on Wednesday. Full story.
  • A dentist office hosted a kid-friendly event to help alleviate children’s fear of the dentist. Full story.
  • The Muskingum County Community Foundation introduced a new campaign to drive in more dollars each day of the year to impact community programs. Full story.
  • Drug Free Muskingum will be at the fair this year to educate people about the drug epidemic and connect people with resources. Full story.
  • This Friday’s Furry Friend is Lovey, a sweet Terrier-mix. Full story.

To that same tune

  • Hey, the fair starts on Sunday. Even though the board experienced deficits in the past couple of years, the fair is starting with a clean slate this year. Full story.
  • The PupCup 5K and Poochwalk is happening tomorrow. The money will go toward benefitting the Muskingum County Dog Warden and Adoption Center’s new facility. Full story.
  • The Weekend Planner has all the events you’ll need throughout the weekend. Full list.

As always, feel free to send events, tips, suggestions, comments and questions to our news team by emailing contact@ycitynews.com or reaching out to the writer directly at jjohnston@ycitynews.com.

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