Adventure Series: Great Guernsey Trail


By Staff Report

Located just east of Cambridge, the Great Guernsey Trail is a smooth, fully asphalt-paved pathway stretching nearly eight miles through rural Appalachia.

The route offers beautiful scenic views as it takes travelers over historic bridges and through land that once was busy with the movement of locomotives.

The trail, managed by the Guernsey County Community Development Corporation, nestles its way on top of reclaimed railroad tracks as it gives its visitors a feeling of being immersed in nature.

Beginning east of Cambridge at the Guernsey CDC Archery Range, the 7-mile route heads eastward to and shortly past Lore City.

Perfect for a casual walk, run or bike ride, the trail gives those visiting from near and far access to fresh rural air and views that are sure to not disappoint.

Unlike many regional trails, this route is exceptionally well maintained and the path is nearly free of any major bumps or damage to the pavement.

With multiple points of access, the trial can be completed in its entirety or in part, making it possible for everything from a quick stroll to a more lengthly outdoor experience.

Provided route map showing the extent of the Great Guernsey Trail.

Most choose to start their journey at either the easternmost portion by the Archery Range or at Lore City which is connected to a community park.

Both sites offer ample parking and restrooms. For those with an electric vehicle, the Archery Range site offers two charging stations for a modest fee.

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