Ohio’s restaurants and salons given approval to begin re-opening in May


By Christine Holmes, News Director

Ohio’s restaurants and salons will soon be opening again.

Governor Mike DeWine announced Thursday that restaurants and bars will have the go-ahead to open outside dining spaces on May 15. Inside dining areas will open the following week on May 21.

Restaurants must create floorplans to ensure customers will be separated by either physical barriers, such as high booth backs or plexiglass, or open space of six-feet.

Parties will be limited to 10 individuals or less.

Bars will be asked to use tables to separate customers in open, congregate areas to comply with distancing measures.

On May 15, Ohio’s hair and nail salons are approved to open, as well.

Customers will be asked to come alone to their appointments, with exceptions for children and those needing caregivers.

Waiting areas will have markings to socially distance customers.

Additionally, magazines, product testers and beverages will be eliminated from waiting spaces.

Masks will be used, and in some businesses, required of customers to wear.

Each station will be sanitized after a customer leaves.

DeWine emphasized that the risk of exposure to COVID-19 will be increased as the economy opens.

The governor asked Ohioans to keep taking their roles seriously and wearing masks when they can.

“This is a gamble,” said DeWine. “This is a new part of the journey.”

The governor said the danger with re-opening is that citizens might relax and pull back their efforts to flatten the curve.

“If we relax, if we pull back, if we take things for granted in, a month, six weeks from now, seven weeks from now, things are not going to go the way we want them to go,” said DeWine.

After talking to business owners, DeWine said there is a fear of having close once more.

“Once we’re started, we don’t want to have to pull back,” said DeWine. “We don’t want to have to close the business again.”