Columbia Gas encouraging safe digging


Photo provided by Michelle Day, External Affairs Specialist for Columbis Gas of Ohio.

By Jessica Johnston, Assistant News Director

With summertime comes many outdoor projects that have taken a backseat during the colder months. As residents begin their summer projects, Columbia Gas is reminding people to call 811 before they start digging.

While digging without knowledge of the location of underground pipes could result in expensive repairs, it also poses a significant risk of injury, as well as service disruptions to the surrounding area.

“The first step of any project that involves digging should be to call 811 first,” Dave Rau, communications and community relations manager for Columbia Gas, said in a media release.  “It’s incredibly easy and can help keep you, and [your] neighbors safe.”

According to a Common Ground Alliance Survey, around 42 percent of homeowners who plan to dig will not call 811 before beginning their project.

Columbia Gas of Ohio recommends calling 811 two business days prior to beginning a digging project. Local utility companies will mark the lines on homeowners properties free of charge.

Three main projects cited that result on gas line damages include planting trees and shrubs, building a deck or patio and placing a fence or mailbox.